A Simple Man

With a simple dance
Walks slow over hilltops
Tip-toes past parties
Sits pretzel-style reading
With no rush
With no plans
The others
Spiral in and out of doors
In and out of thoughts
Watching dramatically enticing T.V. shows at night
Following mechanical routine in the morning
With a gift card to the mall in one hand
A finely tuned resume in the other
With a drink on the table
They float
I think to myself,
‘They must dream of leaving
They have to know one day we all die’
A simple man
Roams soft country
Armed with poetry and a bottle of water
Armed with a foolish love for the masses
Kindness for whomever
A simple man spreading simple wishes
Sends a simple message
Representing quiet creeks, creaking trees, windy nights, gentle rain, distant stars, open fields, rocking chairs, and unspoken poetry world wide

'You are having good luck right now,' Chan said. 'Good luck is good. But that's all it is, you dig? Not any kind of substitute for doing what you have to do.'
Michael Chabon, Telegraph Avenue


What Was That Dream You Spoke Of Once

Surrounded by spilled alcohol too expensive for you to buy
Lost in loud music
Crowded rooms
Jumbled sensation
You spoke so dearly of it
Like chemicals could save you
Like losing yourself was romantic
As long as Ma and Pa found you afterwards
I can almost remember it
The way you spoke of quaint New England cottages after sucking dick
The way you talked of traveling after sucking smoke
The way you lied to yourself through perfect teeth
The way you drooled over designer shoes and anorexic boys
The way you genuinely couldn’t recognize fault of your own
I can almost remember that dream you spoke of once
But it wasn’t real
It was a child pointing out shiny things in a catalog
Squealing, ‘gimme gimme’
Stomping feet
It was a child in children’s clothing
Searching for anything or anyone to speak of dreams
And I can almost remember it

The Older I Get

I realize how important pointless poetry is
I realize boredom’s not time wasted but only time misunderstood
I realize loves a chemical thing
Everything’s a chemical thing
I realize everyone’s bipolar
Especially when it benefits their sanity
I realize the sound of wind through trees is worth staying alive for
I realize you can paint the same canvas over and over
Replace the painter if you want
I realize religion works
Well not really
But maybe if you believe in it enough
I realize creativity without structure is madness
I realize funny things are going to happen
Like funny things that have come before
I realize celebrity and cereal box are one in the same
I realize vomit stains
So always clean up after yourself
I realize land goes on beyond on my voice
I realize I can do anything
Go anywhere
Have a good time
I realize so many things
But that’ll all probably change soon



These Bright Lights

These bright lights clamor around my being
Screaming lessons
Designing outcomes and styles so unoriginal I don’t need to bother describing them
They preach honor
They bleed truth
Or maybe just can’t afford to be wrong
Either way
These bright lights surround me
Want my name
My address
My social security number
My four breakfast burritos hidden in the freezer
They want it all
Then want a Disney Classic out of it too
These bright lights
Consuming the used
Discarding the trash
These bright lights burning through the night to block the stars
These bright lights are black on the inside

His smile easy and warm, his eyes as cold as pennies at the bottom of a well.
Telegraph Avenue, Michael Chabon


Some People

I guess
You can’t un-love
It might be easier to find peace in that
Then fight away feelings
Or call yourself stupid
Just put that fire in your back pocket
Keep it there
And use it for a day
When you need a fire to write about


I shouldn’t
Be writing
Cars shouldn’t
Be driving
People shouldn’t
Be drinking
Dollars shouldn’t
Be screaming
Kids shouldn’t
Be lying
Permafrost shouldn’t be
But it all does
It all goes
Goodnight Goodnight

It was like the army: Be careful, find a cool dry place to stash your mind, and hang on until it was over.
Michael Chabon


Even though Hotdiggitydogblog is not here anymore, we will always appreciate the happiness and the joy that Max and his owners had shared with us. You and your goofy smile will not be forgotten Max!

Why So Nervous

All the time
Stuck in damage control
With no need
With no damage
No I don’t need a drink
But I’ll take one
And we can cheers
With shaky hands