Why So Nervous

All the time
Stuck in damage control
With no need
With no damage
No I don’t need a drink
But I’ll take one
And we can cheers
With shaky hands

Let’s Break Laws and Watch Cops

Blue and red lights spiral outside beyond the trees
While I crouch in front of a television
Feeling an urge to go seek destruction
Not play any part
But watch from the other side of the street
When a poor drunk schmuck that could me isn’t me
But I can’t get up
All I can do is watch shiny lights
From a distance
With a bent cigarette in hand
Here’s to the future

Everything’s Wavy

And I can’t catch my feet
They just keep moving
Gathering callous
Collecting pain
This whole worlds electric
And I’m the analog asshole
Grunting in the background
Of a good time
Spoiling crap already spoiled
And the days
Well they come and go
Like ivy forever expanding
Like grapevines forever scaling
And then they get cut
And I can’t remember too much
So I get drunk
For nothing
For no one
For no superstition
Knowing exactly what I’m doing
I get drunk
So maybe I drank too much of your rum
So maybe I can’t control myself
So maybe I ran through your halls like a mad man
Doesn’t matter much now
But this ringing in my ear
It won’t go away
This pain in my chest
Won’t go away


Rain scatters on the street
Streaming no single beat
Drown myself in oblivion
Drown myself in my sheets
The song goes on, on, and on
In my head, in my yawns
Flat tired shitty weather
Asking where do I belong
In the trees, in the trees
Hooting howling bumblebees
Far away from everyone else
Dreaming silent jumbled peace
Pitter patter, pitter patter
Write a poem, make it sadder
Nothing wrong, nothing right
Now a dream begins to scatter
Cross some dirt, cross the street
Cross good men’s broken feet
Hear some laugh, hear some wail
Everything bittersweet
So write a story, keep it tight
In the distance see a light
Hear a roar, turn around
Walk silently to the night



Ba bam

Ba bam

Dizzy Quest

Simple plans
Life’s grand
Hit the books
That hit your hands
With life lesson
Second guessing
Any battle
Against question
Awful child
Cheesy smile
Sell me beer
Make me wild
Leave real quick
Back door sick
Walk the street
Fetch a grip
Fade fade out
Famous shout
Tells a story
Scream aloud
Funny pest
Dizzy Quest
Wakes up early
Without a guess

Ode To My Past

Am I useless
Am I shit
Am I something that makes your gut turn
Do you feel bad
Do you feel bad
Are you useless
Are you shit
So let’s stop talking about it
And run into other people who stopped talking about it
Try again
And everything will be fine
No sarcasm
Everything will be fine
So go find a tumbleweed
And roll around
Make some shit up 
Everything will be fine



To the Sun

Beating my back in the dry desert
I love you
To the women
Dazzling me with midnight tricks
Before making my heart disappear before my eyes
I love you
To the rocks
The jagged boulders
Old as dirt
Slicing my shins
Bruising my bones
I love you
To the past
Transforming my fragile dreams
Into a novelty haunted house
Designed to frighten
With 10% humor
I love you
To the present
Always offering 10,000 possibilities
Forever turning at the drop of a pin
Forever living in the moment
I love you
To the future
With all the love
With all the magically intense moments
With all the beauty I could only hope to imagine
With all the shine and gleam
Fear and grunts
To the future
To the promise of ‘you’
Whoever ‘you’ are
I love you
To the poems
Always reminding me who I am
Always reminding others we’re not so different after all
Always speaking for me
When my tongue is too traumatized to work
Always keeping record of the highs and lows
Always explaining the purpose of yin and yang
Always rocking me softly to slumber
To the poems
I love you


In my gut
They dance
I vomit
They parade down streets
I fall down stairs
They sing beautiful ballads
I accidentally spit on someone trying to talk smooth
They float
I wake up late and can’t find my pants
They dine at the ritz with glitz
I choke on tacos
They write incredible sonnets
I write poems about tacos
They fall in love with steadfast commitment
I blackout and scare the ones I want to love me
They get drunk
I fall asleep on a sidewalk
They promote the better side of life
I promote tacos
I could learn something
From these butterflies


Don’t want to talk to other people
They just want to do things
And conversation isn’t really talking
Just a filler of space
No one wants to expose their self
And talk unafraid of whatever judgement they receive
Maybe it’s not too beneficial
Maybe everyone’s scared
But they’re all too busy
To sit down and talk

Sway And The Honey Bees - Instinct
130 plays

A quick lil’ diddly I just recorded on my phone called, ‘instinct’